Summer is a time we all look forward to. The long and warm days are ideal for trips , carefree moments on the beach or in the mountains and get-togethers with friends at barbecues. Summer is also the perfect time for all kinds of outdoor activities and, most importantly, a break from the daily chores. 

The summer is coming so it's worth taking care of not only keeping our spirits up but also the condition of our skin, so let's remember the three key steps in skincare that will help keep our skin in top condition.

The first important step is cleansing. With the summer heat, the skin is more exposed to impurities and excess sebum. Regular facial cleansing removes not only make-up, but also any impurities that may clog pores.

The second step is moisturising. The sun's hot rays dry out the skin, so it is extremely important to moisturise it properly. Choose the right beauty products to give your skin the right dose of moisture, leaving it radiant and smooth, but don't forget to drink water too!

The last but equally important step is protection. Don't forget to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Choose a product with a high SPF to provide effective protection against sunburn and premature skin ageing.

Take care of your skin by following these three important steps: cleansing, moisturising and protecting, because healthy and radiant skin looks beautiful! With the help of Summer Care by Colway International, a summer special offer from Colway International in which you will find products ideal for both cleansing, moisturising and protection, at fantastic prices of -15%


Micellar water - 15 %

Foaming face wash - 15%


Intensively moisturising Hydro Cream - 15%

Moisturising lotion - 15 %

Collagen lip care - 15%


Skin protect SPF 50 - 15%

The offer is valid:

22/24 OR – 24/24 OR

(28/05/2024 -17/06/2024)

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Registered customer

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